Co-Located BITCOIN Mining

Stop cloud mining! Avoid excessive fees and lack of control. At crowmining, you view your miners on a live dashboard with 24/7 monitoring

Crow Mining, a MINING PLATFORM for serious bitcoin miners. Would you like to receive information about how our platform works? including fees, power costs and the lastest profitability from mining?.

*Disclaimer: Bitcoin mining is a high risk investment. There are factors that can drastically effect returns, such as mining difficulty and bitcoin price. Do not invest if you are not comfortable with high risk investments. Moreover, by being on this site, you agree to hold all parties harmless for any loss that might occur as a result of your investment due to market conditions.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Our New Dashboard!

With our new dashboard ( you will have a bitcoin wallet where profits are distributed on a daily basis. You can then transfer your Bitcoin to any wallet you choose, you're in control

No Contracts

We do not use cloud mining contracts, you OWN your miners and we simply manage them for you in our mining farm in Siberia. We continue mining for the life of the miner (usually 3-4 years)

Monitor your miners 24/7

With your dashboard, you are able to log-in 24/7 and view your miners in REAL TIME, complete with profitability stats, hashrate, and bitcoin earned.

Low Power Cost

The cost of mining in Siberia on a commercial level is only 5.5C KwH. The national average in tthe United states is 14c KwH

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    Cloud Mining is notorious for cancelling contracts and leaving investors with nothing. Our platform is the answer to the cloud mining problem. Avoid the unnecessary risks associated with cloud mining contracts by owning your own hardware. We take care of shipping, customs, and delivery into our farm.

    Once your miners are tuned and operating, our staff of engineers will work to make sure your miners are operating efficiently. We handle the maintenance and set-up, offering you a 'passive investment' in what would otherwise be an inefficient task as mining from home is no longer feasible.

    We are miners ourselves. We also value transparency and building a community of passive income investors on the blockchain. Join our telegram group, and speak to one of our many existing investors who are already mining with us.


Bitcoin mining is a highly volatile investment. Historically, returns have ranged from 1%-15% per month, which makes it difficult to determine your ROI on a forward looking basis. The two main components to calculating ROI are the bitcoin price and the network difficulty. Because it is impossible to predict both of these, you can only estimate returns based on your beliefs of where price and difficulty will be. We encourage you not to look at ROI from a static perspective, mining is volatile.

To us, the question isn't about the price of Bitcoin today, it's about the potential price of Bitcoin in the future.

You can use a Bitcoin calculator in order to calculate your profits. One of the greatest advantages we offer is our low-cost power, which is 5.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.

To the left is a screenshot of what your mining dashboard looks like. We encourage mining as a means for passive income in bitcoin, thereby giving investors 'upside' to any increase in bitcoin prices while providing a monthly return on investment.

The current Model of ASIC we are offering is the Innosilicon T3 50TH/s model that uses approx. 3,100 Watts of power per unit.



Let us handle the hard work for you as you put Bitcoin in your wallet.