Frequently Ask Question

This is usually the first question we get, and almost impossible to answer. Bitcoin mining can be highly volatile, the returns from one month to the next can vary by 100% or even more. We strive to remain one of the lowest cost mining farms in the world, by keeping our costs low, and charging a flat maintenance fee of 20%, we can deliver a fixed cost model to our clients and maximize the profit potential to the best of our abilities.

No. our management fee is the only fee we charge(20%). We do not chaarge a hosting fee or a maintenance fee. Hosting and maintenance are all included in our management fee.

At the moment, we pay profit distributions each month. However, we are moving towards a wallet based system where each investor will have their own elevate btc wallet and profits will go directly into your own wallet, from there, you can control your bitcoin and send anywhere you like or simply accumulate.

First, you will need to register your account under the “Start Mining” tab. Once you have registered, you can proceed to place your order- we only accept bitcoin for payment at the moment. After your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Once your miners arrive (about 4 weeks) you will again receive a notice from us along with your mining dashboard login.

We cater to more experienced miners who are looking to build a portfolio of miners. If you are looking to only purchase one miner, we may not be the best fit as our minimum investment requirements are increasing.

Yes, first we recommend you join our telegram community here. Most of your questions can be answered by our admins or existing investors that are active in the room. If you need further assistance, we can arrange for a skype call with our founder, Amir Ness.